Sunday, November 20, 2011

Is the hCG Diet Dangerous? What Side Effects can I Expect? Part Two

So, continuing on from yesterday's post.  Another side effect that we've seen is like fatigue or tired at the beginning while your body is getting used to the new diet. that's really kind of work comes from, oh this is new food I'm not used to eating so many vegetables, and fruits and just chicken with no carbohydrates and that's another you know very natural side effects that comes from the oral drops. One thing, you know I've coached thousands of people on this diet and for me being successful on this diet is so big. Because I know there are other ways out there to lose weight but honestly they scare me to death I mean you have lap band, gastric bypass, you have stomach stapling, you know my mom I always talk to her and she considered some of those. For me having been through surgery and in the process in the concerns every time you on with the knife, it scared me to death. I would do anything to keep her away from that surgery center, you know whatever from the doctor’s office, so the hCG Diet program is a wonderful thing that can work or help you or can help prevent having to those major extremes. You know you've heard people dying on gastric bypass or the stomach stapling.

So if you can be just as successful and lose the weight and not to have that potential side effects or those damaging side effect, you know great. Let's take advantage of that, so you know, if you have questions, don't hesitate to email me that's why I'm here I love talking about the diet and helping people through their journey because it really can be life changing. oh yeah, one thing the website that I've found was It has a lot of information not only on hCG diets but other weight loss ideas, recipes, and other diet tips.It covers the advantages and disadvantages of taking the oral drops over the injections. You will be successful on both. It's just that the oral drops are so much safer easier and much more cost effective I have found than the injections but again you  will be successful on both  if you follow the instructions and you do what the diet says. That way will come off and you don't even have to consider those other scary alternatives. 

I hope my thoughts and suggestions are useful to you.  I think this is the greatest way to lose some extra weight and my experience should show you that.  Please let me know if you have questions or if you are struggling on the diet program.  I would love to help answer any of your questions!

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