Saturday, November 19, 2011

Is the hCG Diet Dangerous? What Side Effects can I expect? Part One

So I wanted to write another post because of some of the question that I've been getting about this. Is this diet dangerous? Is HCG dangerous to use for weight loss? So I know there's a lot of misconception, misinformation out there so I kind of wanted to clear the water and discuss and get out in the open.

You know this diet has been proven for over 60 years. The original doctor Dr. Simeons created it back in the 50's while residing in Italy. You know doing in his own clinic, his own hospital or you have to go over and stay there, you know for months on end and go through that whole process. You know with modern technology and the process that we've come about you can do it two different ways.. 

You can have the oral drops that are taken under your tounge and you have the injection which you inject using a needle.  It's a scarier process that I don't want to do that but I want to talk about those 2 methods and that you can be successful on both of them. I made a couple of notes here so bare with me just because a lot to cover and I didn't want to leave anything out, so I will do this in two posts. So one of the big things is with the injection, you generally have to have a doctors' prescription and you have to be under their supervision to make sure you're not having any side effects or having other injection related issues.

The big one that hit home for me when I was doing my research is blood clots. My family has a huge history of blood clots. My mom has actually had a couple of surgery that she has had. So for me it really said,  "No this is not something that you should be doing because of the family history of taking blood clots." so with the new methods with it being available orally you don’t have those same types of side effect. You will have you know the occasional headaches when you first get started which that really comes from your body  being going to the detox process you know if you ever stopped drinking caffeinated drinks same thing. You’re body is saying wait where did all of this go? you know that's what I want, That's what I kind of treating my energy off about, that's what I burn for energy so it can be taken care of just a simple Tylenol or ibuprofen and really it only last a couple of days, you know, with the thousands of people I've worked with some of them had at me before 5 days but after that they’re just fine.

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