Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 23: Last day of Phase Two of the hCG Diet

Just wrapping up Phase two of my hCG diet program on day 23. This morning when I got on the scale I weighed 131.2 pounds. So I lost another 0.4 or almost a half a pound. So I am down a total of 17.8 pounds!  So it's just so exciting. I'm getting so close to that 20 pound mark.

So this morning I was really happy with that weight loss because I was a little worried about what the number is was going to be considering I accidentally ate a couple of bites of an unapproved food last night. So I'm glad to see that I didn't gain a pound with that. I'm still doing my morning exercises that really help start off my day stay right, pardon me. You know just doing the walking and then a couple of a little things that should help me tone.  I know I'm not supposed to overdo it because I would be starving for lunch otherwise.
So, I haven't had any bread today and I didn't have really any yesterday I don't think either; maybe one serving instead of two. Just trying' to loose those last couple of pounds here since today is the last day that I'm doing the drops.  But it doesn't bug me that I didn't get the bread because my stomach has shrunk so much that I really don't crave it that much anymore. 

So after today I just have the three days of the 500 calories and then the maintenance period will start. I am excited to start eating some different foods, but it's important to keep at the 500 calorie limit for the next three days so I don't put on that weight again.  I should continue to lose for the next few days and then level off a bit.

Well I think that's all for now. Just we'll have to wait and see how the next couple of days go with hCG drops. See if I'm ravenously hungry or if I really does stay in here to stand for those three days. So hope things are going well for you. Yah, this is the end of my journey as far as the drops go and I know they have helped me to keep from craving a lot of foods.

I really wanna keep hearing from you and know what kind of experiences you've had.  I'm loving the comments and questions that I'm getting through my cute little blog.  So please don't stop emailing me because just even though my journey is ending, if yours is just starting, if you have questions I would love to talk to you. So I can answer hopefully any question that you throw at me and help guide you somewhere so you can get you the information you need for weight loss success.

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