Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 22: Continued hCG Weight Loss

This wraps up my 22nd day on the hCG drops program. This morning when I weighed myself I was down to 131.6 pounds. So I lost 0.4 pounds and am excited with the continued progress. So total I have lost 17.4 pounds. So, I'm really happy with that number I love that I keep losing even though I'm getting right close to being done.

Tomorrow is actually my last day of the drops and then I have those 3 days of continuing the 500 calories without the drops. Just to make sure everything is, all the hCG is out of your system once you really start your normal diet. There are just 21 days that you spend on the phase two where you take the hCG drops and limit your calories to 500. Three weeks is not that bad to be honest.

So, things are going well I'm still doing my morning exercise. So still enjoying that I think that's really helping on my days off when I can do that help burn a few more calories.

So today for lunch I didn’t have any bread or Melba toast. I actually ended up having a piece of banana bread for lunch. So, I kind of skipped on the bread so I could have it, have the banana bread instead. And then tonight for dinner I actually ended up making myself a hamburger and it was so good. I used lettuce for both buns. So top and bottom kind of like the Atkins style or so I've heard since I've never tried that diet. Regardless it was a really good meal! And then I put on two really small slices of tomatoes. So, with that, since that was about half a serving of vegetables. So I did half a serving of asparagus for my other portion of my vegetable and it was great too.

Definitely I’m going to make that meal again. I used extra lean ground beef just so I can make sure that there’s no extra fat in there. That I’m getting just the beef and I’m making sure I can still lose some good weight.

So I hope things are going well for you. Were getting close we only have 4 more days left on this diet! So, and then we’ll start our maintenance period so you take care and have a good night and I will write more tomorrow

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