Monday, December 5, 2011

A Great Video of What is possible

I love this video!  It shows us what is possible if we really want it!   These people are so inspirational. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Is the hCG Diet Dangerous? What Side Effects can I Expect? Part Two

So, continuing on from yesterday's post.  Another side effect that we've seen is like fatigue or tired at the beginning while your body is getting used to the new diet. that's really kind of work comes from, oh this is new food I'm not used to eating so many vegetables, and fruits and just chicken with no carbohydrates and that's another you know very natural side effects that comes from the oral drops. One thing, you know I've coached thousands of people on this diet and for me being successful on this diet is so big. Because I know there are other ways out there to lose weight but honestly they scare me to death I mean you have lap band, gastric bypass, you have stomach stapling, you know my mom I always talk to her and she considered some of those. For me having been through surgery and in the process in the concerns every time you on with the knife, it scared me to death. I would do anything to keep her away from that surgery center, you know whatever from the doctor’s office, so the hCG Diet program is a wonderful thing that can work or help you or can help prevent having to those major extremes. You know you've heard people dying on gastric bypass or the stomach stapling.

So if you can be just as successful and lose the weight and not to have that potential side effects or those damaging side effect, you know great. Let's take advantage of that, so you know, if you have questions, don't hesitate to email me that's why I'm here I love talking about the diet and helping people through their journey because it really can be life changing. oh yeah, one thing the website that I've found was It has a lot of information not only on hCG diets but other weight loss ideas, recipes, and other diet tips.It covers the advantages and disadvantages of taking the oral drops over the injections. You will be successful on both. It's just that the oral drops are so much safer easier and much more cost effective I have found than the injections but again you  will be successful on both  if you follow the instructions and you do what the diet says. That way will come off and you don't even have to consider those other scary alternatives. 

I hope my thoughts and suggestions are useful to you.  I think this is the greatest way to lose some extra weight and my experience should show you that.  Please let me know if you have questions or if you are struggling on the diet program.  I would love to help answer any of your questions!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Is the hCG Diet Dangerous? What Side Effects can I expect? Part One

So I wanted to write another post because of some of the question that I've been getting about this. Is this diet dangerous? Is HCG dangerous to use for weight loss? So I know there's a lot of misconception, misinformation out there so I kind of wanted to clear the water and discuss and get out in the open.

You know this diet has been proven for over 60 years. The original doctor Dr. Simeons created it back in the 50's while residing in Italy. You know doing in his own clinic, his own hospital or you have to go over and stay there, you know for months on end and go through that whole process. You know with modern technology and the process that we've come about you can do it two different ways.. 

You can have the oral drops that are taken under your tounge and you have the injection which you inject using a needle.  It's a scarier process that I don't want to do that but I want to talk about those 2 methods and that you can be successful on both of them. I made a couple of notes here so bare with me just because a lot to cover and I didn't want to leave anything out, so I will do this in two posts. So one of the big things is with the injection, you generally have to have a doctors' prescription and you have to be under their supervision to make sure you're not having any side effects or having other injection related issues.

The big one that hit home for me when I was doing my research is blood clots. My family has a huge history of blood clots. My mom has actually had a couple of surgery that she has had. So for me it really said,  "No this is not something that you should be doing because of the family history of taking blood clots." so with the new methods with it being available orally you don’t have those same types of side effect. You will have you know the occasional headaches when you first get started which that really comes from your body  being going to the detox process you know if you ever stopped drinking caffeinated drinks same thing. You’re body is saying wait where did all of this go? you know that's what I want, That's what I kind of treating my energy off about, that's what I burn for energy so it can be taken care of just a simple Tylenol or ibuprofen and really it only last a couple of days, you know, with the thousands of people I've worked with some of them had at me before 5 days but after that they’re just fine.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 23: Last day of Phase Two of the hCG Diet

Just wrapping up Phase two of my hCG diet program on day 23. This morning when I got on the scale I weighed 131.2 pounds. So I lost another 0.4 or almost a half a pound. So I am down a total of 17.8 pounds!  So it's just so exciting. I'm getting so close to that 20 pound mark.

So this morning I was really happy with that weight loss because I was a little worried about what the number is was going to be considering I accidentally ate a couple of bites of an unapproved food last night. So I'm glad to see that I didn't gain a pound with that. I'm still doing my morning exercises that really help start off my day stay right, pardon me. You know just doing the walking and then a couple of a little things that should help me tone.  I know I'm not supposed to overdo it because I would be starving for lunch otherwise.
So, I haven't had any bread today and I didn't have really any yesterday I don't think either; maybe one serving instead of two. Just trying' to loose those last couple of pounds here since today is the last day that I'm doing the drops.  But it doesn't bug me that I didn't get the bread because my stomach has shrunk so much that I really don't crave it that much anymore. 

So after today I just have the three days of the 500 calories and then the maintenance period will start. I am excited to start eating some different foods, but it's important to keep at the 500 calorie limit for the next three days so I don't put on that weight again.  I should continue to lose for the next few days and then level off a bit.

Well I think that's all for now. Just we'll have to wait and see how the next couple of days go with hCG drops. See if I'm ravenously hungry or if I really does stay in here to stand for those three days. So hope things are going well for you. Yah, this is the end of my journey as far as the drops go and I know they have helped me to keep from craving a lot of foods.

I really wanna keep hearing from you and know what kind of experiences you've had.  I'm loving the comments and questions that I'm getting through my cute little blog.  So please don't stop emailing me because just even though my journey is ending, if yours is just starting, if you have questions I would love to talk to you. So I can answer hopefully any question that you throw at me and help guide you somewhere so you can get you the information you need for weight loss success.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 22: Continued hCG Weight Loss

This wraps up my 22nd day on the hCG drops program. This morning when I weighed myself I was down to 131.6 pounds. So I lost 0.4 pounds and am excited with the continued progress. So total I have lost 17.4 pounds. So, I'm really happy with that number I love that I keep losing even though I'm getting right close to being done.

Tomorrow is actually my last day of the drops and then I have those 3 days of continuing the 500 calories without the drops. Just to make sure everything is, all the hCG is out of your system once you really start your normal diet. There are just 21 days that you spend on the phase two where you take the hCG drops and limit your calories to 500. Three weeks is not that bad to be honest.

So, things are going well I'm still doing my morning exercise. So still enjoying that I think that's really helping on my days off when I can do that help burn a few more calories.

So today for lunch I didn’t have any bread or Melba toast. I actually ended up having a piece of banana bread for lunch. So, I kind of skipped on the bread so I could have it, have the banana bread instead. And then tonight for dinner I actually ended up making myself a hamburger and it was so good. I used lettuce for both buns. So top and bottom kind of like the Atkins style or so I've heard since I've never tried that diet. Regardless it was a really good meal! And then I put on two really small slices of tomatoes. So, with that, since that was about half a serving of vegetables. So I did half a serving of asparagus for my other portion of my vegetable and it was great too.

Definitely I’m going to make that meal again. I used extra lean ground beef just so I can make sure that there’s no extra fat in there. That I’m getting just the beef and I’m making sure I can still lose some good weight.

So I hope things are going well for you. Were getting close we only have 4 more days left on this diet! So, and then we’ll start our maintenance period so you take care and have a good night and I will write more tomorrow

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 21: hCG Diet Breakthrough

So today I completed my 21st day on the HCG diet program.  Three weeks down and just a couple of days to go! So this morning let me weigh myself. I weighed 132 and no ounces. So I lost a whopping 1.2 pounds in just a day! I'm way excited for that.

It was so good to get on that scale this morning and see that number. So now I've lost a total of 17 lbs which it feels so great just continuing to see excellent results and I'm loving it. So things are going well I was feeling really good today. So I did my work out again. So I did you know walked around the block for about twenty, thirty minutes a few even that and then I also did some crunches and leg lifts. I added the leg lifts to start getting some toning going in my legs. So hopefully that will help for now; get some good weight loss tomorrow.

Tonight for dinner I actually went to the store and bought some fresh salsa that had less than one gram of sugar per serving. And because the protocol does say you can have salsa that is what I tried for dinner tonight with my chicken.  The ingredients in the salsa looked great and is approved by Dr. Simeon and  is on his approved hCG diet list.

So that was excellent. I put that on my chicken and I used my Melba toast a kind of like chips. So it was really good hopefully it won't affect my weight loss. I probably had a little too much just because I also had creamed the regular serving of cream beans with it, so we'll just see how that goes.

But one of the things that I wanted to talk about today was I did read in the protocol tonight that you can have eggs. That they do sometimes substitute eggs for some meat. And what I read on the original protocol was, if you do one egg one whole egg then you must add three additional egg whites! So I've never done that ratio before. So let me try that tomorrow for lunch.

If I experience a decent amount of weight loss tomorrow, I'll do hard boiled eggs for lunch and then the regular fruits and veggies. After watching how that goes, hope things are going well for you and if you need any help or want to talk, just reach out to me with the comment tool below!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 20: An hCG Plateau?

I've made it through day 20 of my hCG diet drops program. And so this morning when I weighed myself, I weighed a hundred and thirty three point two. So the exact same weight as yesterday so no weight loss. But I’m still at the total of 15.8 so I guess no weight loss is better than a gain so we’ll look it on the positive side of that.

So I’m just a little disappointed I guess I just  don’t understand that why all of a sudden I've plateaued. It's been about five days since I've moved down in weight. Maybe now just been kind of fluctuating here; and between like 133.4 and 133.2. So, a little frustrating with that but I guess not too bad.

One big thing is I'm drinking all of my water and making sure I'm evenly drinking it throughout the day not just drowning it at night before I go to bed; to make sure you get on the full 2 liters.  So, we’ll have to see how it goes tomorrow when I weigh myself.  Maybe I need to increase my water to 3 liters a day.

This evening for dinner I had the Tilapia and it was excellent. I actually used lemon pepper seasoning, garlic powder and then half of lemon juice, the juice of half a lemon. It was really good. I just baked it and wrapped it in foil, you know kind of creating a little boat for it and kind of covered it to bake at 350 for 10 minutes and after that it was tender it was just flunky and falling apart so it was actually really great.

So, I'll keep trying that, you know keep the chicken in there. I'm actually getting, trying cut out steak completely for these last couple of days. Just been reading, that sometimes steak can help you add weight or keep you stagnant.  I've also read that dropping everything but steak sometimes helps too!  We might try both ways if my steak avoidance technique doesn't work. 

Tomorrow if I don't lose any weight I'm actually gonna do the "Apple day".  It was recommended in the original protocol so all you eat are six apples from lunch to lunch and you only drink water to quench your thirst. You don't try and get the full 2 liters anymore or anything like that so we'll see if that helps. 

I know a lot of people say when they’re plateauing, then they do that apple day and it really helps; kind of breakthrough and keep going. So, I mean since I only have like 7 days left I wanna loose those last couple of pounds, so I can put up with things for a few more days.